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Old World flavors with a touch of genius. 

Simple French-inspired bistro fare created from honest ingredients. Playful cider and uncommon wine designed for a superb experience. 

About Cider

The genesis of Forbidden Fruit Hard Cider began like many libations: two men and a garage. Apples, Champagne yeast, and a fermentation later, the first effort at cider was too good not to share. A more concrete concept was born after extensive research that included a trip to Normandy, a Master’s-level education in fermentation science, and a leap of faith.

Our hard ciders are not overly sweet. Forbidden Fruit Hard Cider is produced much like a wine; some are spiced, a few are flavored, others oaked. Our ideals state that fruit flavor should not be sacrificed for sweetness, and that the production of ciders is built on our knowledge as winemakers.

We've traveled and lived around the globe, and eaten a lot of food. After encountering abundant tastes and flavors, we decided to share the best of our experiences with you. 

13 ˚Brix Cider Bistro’s menu combines the simplicity of classic French-inspired bistro fare with the playfulness of more contemporary cuisine. Our food intertwines the terroir of local origin foods gleaned in season with prime imported old world ingredients to create a conscientious and delicious combination. ​

About Food

About Us

The property was first developed in the 1920s as a Chevrolet dealership. The present structure was constructed in the 1970s as a convenience store and since then has spent time as just about everything before lying empty. The owner purchased the space and hand-rehabilitated it into a cider bar and bistro. Period photographs of Palisade, the agricultural history of the area, and meaningful artwork are proudly displayed inside. Please enjoy them with a glass of cold cider in your hand.

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